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Solace is a comprehensive application architecture model that provides essential back-end development, designed to kick start your business website or system development process.  

Why choose Solace?

Maximize efficiency

Solace has been designed to reduce the amount of work required during the initial phase of a project, kick starting your development process, to allow developers to begin working on features.  

Ownership of intellectual property

Solace puts the power in your hands allowing you to keep the intellectual property. This platform is better than no code solution, it’s fully customizable and the source code belongs to you. Coupled with this means there are no license or rental fees. 

Support and knowledge expertise

Luna Software Solutions; an alliance to Solacehas a team of specialists dedicated to and working on Solace, making them the perfect partner to design, develop and discover with. 

Enforce discipline

Solace’s well thought out architecture prevents technical debt. 


Solace affords you the ability to create separate databases per client.

Dynamic Virtual Hosts

Each tenant has their own dynamic sub domain associated with their tenant.


Solace uses JWT tokens to secure the API.

Email Integration

Send Grid Templates have been incorporated. This allows you to send emails without having to maintain an email server, all technical details are managed. The platform allows for scaling, reputation monitoring, whitelist services and real-time analytics.

User Management- coming soon

Roles and Permissions are dynamically allowing for permissions with the system to easily be granted or revoked. This reduces security risks and allows for effective user management!

Image Provider

This dynamically creates a set of thumbnail images, in a range of various sizes. The image provider is integrated with Amazon S3 storage.

File Management - coming soon

Built of industry-leading Amazon S3, an object storage service; Files, Images and Documents are easily uploaded.

Payment Gateways - coming soon

Athena has a series of plugins to cater for different payment gateways to account for your preferences or business requirements.

  • Payfast
  • Yoco
  • Paypal


Rest API infrastructure for 3rd-party clients.

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