Software development and services.

Luna Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the culmination of hard-work, passion and purpose based development. We offer value adding development services to both large and small businesses. Our team of highly skilled software professionals guarantee delivery, precision, maintainability and scalability. We work hard to ensure that the technology that drives your business functions flawlessly.

Core services

Luna Software Solutions is your ideal development partner. We provide core software development and consulting services.

Custom application development

Thick client or web based

Custom application development

Platform maintenance and support

Microsoft stack or Mean stack.

Application development and consulting

Mobile app development

Xamarin mobile apps and Progressive web apps

Mobile app development

Web development

Angular 7, NodeJS, MongoDB

Web development

Our vision

At Luna Software Solutions we have a vested interest in the success of your business. Our vision is to align our service offerings in a manner that gives your business a key competitive edge in the market. Over and above this, we want to take take your business to new technological heights.

Solace solutions are fully customizable

This means we can tailor a solution exactly to your business needs - rapidly. Check out the below use cases:

Business process automation

Digitize business process. Schedule tasks. Automate workflow within your organisation.

Employee management solutions

Employee onboarding. Employee offboarding. Contracts and compliance. Leave management.

Document management solutions

Full audit trail on documents. Check out/in documents. Secure S3 bucket storage with a beautiful interface. Link document meta-data properties to key performance indicators.

Payfast integration

Link up your payfast merchantID to a custom application and handle your transactions seamlessly.

Systems and data integration

Restfully integrate systems with the Solace api.

Custom web applications

Utilize our Solace framework to build responsive web applications. Deployed instantly to AWS.

Custom mobile applications

Looking for a native mobile app?. Solace is the perfect backend.

Compliance and governance solutions

We build KPI dashboards to ensure that all your compliance needs are met. Align your applications with GDPR and POPI.

Know your customer solutions

We develop KYC dashboards that are perfect for verifying the identity of your clients and assessing potential risks of illegal intentions for the business relationship.

Our customers

We are proud to provide ongoing development and consulting services to our amazing clients both large and small.

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