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Rebase and Pull

Rebase is the black sheep of git tools, and generally is shied away from in favour of normal merges by those learning git purely for work.

Why make your history pretty when Merged fix-api-calls into main is just an automated click away?

“Why take the risk of losing commits if you make mistakes?”…

Writeup by – Matthew Davies

What is NX and a Monorepo?

Before we dive into the world of nx we must first understand what a monorepo is.

The Wikipedia definition states the following

“In version control systems, a monorepo  is a software development …

Writeup by – Darryn Hosking

Software Solutions for the South African medical industry - The Sere-med story

It’s no news to us, that COVID-19 has presented many businesses with the challenge of needing to be able to conduct business remotely and effectively, relying heavily on eCommerce related systems. Luna Software Solutions has taken the lead with Sere-med’s unique online platform allowing consumers to order medical supplies online through their dedicated portal.

A project review by – Maggie-May Hosking

Offshore software development LunaSoft

Why your next offshore software development partner should be in South Africa?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, companies across the globe are directing their services and processes online. This is creating a lot more remote work opportunities. 

According to Forbes, the transforming market and increase in demand have forced businesses and brands to leverage technology to…

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