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South Africa, Your Next Offshore Software Development Partner?

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Why your next Offshore Software Development partner should be in South Africa?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, companies across the globe are directing their services and processes online. This is creating a lot more remote work opportunities. 

According to Forbes, the transforming market and increase in demand have forced businesses and brands to leverage technology to maintain their potency and competitive edge. This has created a global demand for offshore software development.

 The fantastic news is that with this increasing demand, South Africa is starting to see a steady rise in offshore development opportunities. BizzCommunity, states that “an increasing number of international companies are realising the benefits of outsourcing software development to South Africa, which is excellent news for the local industry. Over recent years South Africa has become a valid offshore alternative when it comes to a variety of software development needs.”

So, why is South Africa is being realised as an offshore development partner?

According to Tunga, South Africa currently has over 133 000 developers who have a very high English proficiency. With a broad knowledge of multiple programming frameworks and languages. South Africa is well known for its friendly and helpful people, but we are also being recognised as an attractive offshore software development partner for these reasons:

  1. – South Africa has highly educated and capable software developers
  2. – South Africa is primarily an English first country
  3. – We have the benefit of being in the Southern Hemisphere allowing important software updates in the Northern Hemisphere to be launched in off-peak hours
  4. – South Africa offers very favourable software development at competitive prices when compared to countries such as the USA and the UK
  5. – South African’s have long been known for their excellent time management and great work ethic

Why should you consider LunaSoft as your Offshore Development Partner?

As a leader in the Software Solutions industry, Luna Software Solutions embrace challenges and strive to overcome them through collaboration and shared problem-solving. Our dedicated teams of full-stack developers strive to eliminate technical debt, reduce time to market, and improve efficiency. LunaSoft has a diverse programming portfolio and we are fluent in multiple frameworks and languages allowing us to tackle the most complex of problems. Our no-frills agile methodology allows for the scalable deliverability of projects, providing our clients with value for money and assisting in positioning your business ahead of the competition. Our offshore development teams work on a contractual basis allowing greater flexibility and more accurate budgeting and accountability.

If you have any questions click on our bot or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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