Software Solutions for the South African medical industry – The Sere-med project

LunaSoft Sere-Med

It’s no news to us, that COVID-19 has presented many businesses with the challenge of needing to be able to conduct business remotely and effectively, relying heavily on eCommerce related systems. Luna Software Solutions has taken the lead with Sere-med’s unique online platform allowing consumers to order medical supplies online through their dedicated portal. 

About Sere-med

Sere-med was founded in 1998 and is now an established and trusted supplier of a diverse range of medical products. Situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, Sere-med provides the Health Care Market namely General Practitioner’s, Specialists, Pharmacies, Clinics, Mine Hospitals and the Public Sector with products renowned for their quality and value. 

Sere-med continuously strives to provide its customers with a range of products that are innovative, affordable and at the forefront of medical technology. Their ongoing commitment in support of their products ensures that customers receive the efficient after-sales service, which Sere-med pride themselves on. 

Sere-med Order App

Luna Software Solutions has created a platform that allows users to logon, submit their orders and handle their entire ordering process effectively and remotely. Reducing order time and creating a user friendly and efficient ordering process. 

Furthermore, Luna Software Solutions identified the use case to be able to conduct meetings remotely, as a result, we built a custom user interface that can schedule meetings and allows users to conduct them through their browser.  

Users can dynamically create invitations, copy them to their clipboard and share them easily with any attendees. Furthermore, if you are a part of the organisation, there is a unique section catering for the addition of Seremed staff, ultimately increasing the efficiency and organisation of internal business processes. 

“The Sere-med order app enables our clients to view our product offering and to thereafter, place their order requirements online. Luna Software Solutions has continuously encouraged the management team of Sere-med, to focus and adapt to a client-orientated solution-based platform, which has ensured Sere-med remained ahead of our competitors in the service part of our business. Thank you for your service and innovative approach in assisting us to enhance the lives of our clients and their customers.” – Gary Page, Managing Director / Owner. 

Luna Software Solutions is proud to have joined forces with Sere-med and their team of dedicated professionals, that aim to deliver world-class medical resources quickly, efficiently and timeously. 

  • Maggie-May Hosking 

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